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Interesting Facts About Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano is the co-founder of the GUESS. That is a company that deals with the fashions and the trends in the clothing industry. It was founded by the Marciano brothers that is Maurice, Georges and Almond. The company was originally called GMA, the initials that stood for the names of the first three brothers but it was changed to accommodate Paul. The brothers did marvelous things together but the one who hit the lime light is the man called Paul. There are some things aside of the normal and obvious that people don't know about the person.

Firstly, he is a Moroccan and French but has an American citizenship. That shows he was a diverse guy and much is not said about his religion but he had one that was associated with Israeli where he lived sometime in his childhood. The other thing to know is that the guy has been married twice and has four children. Bothe of the wives the first and the second are models and both have two children each. The first was however divorced and the second acquired. The other factor to know is that he and his brothers were not well learnt. At some time around 1981, they left France because they had a tax dispute and exiled into America. They knew close to no English because most of them had not had a good education. The one of them who knew the language limitedly was Maurice and they still managed to live.

Paul Marciano did not study because he was involved in an accident when a car hit the motorcycle they were riding. He broke both of his limbs and was told it wasn't recoverable. He however through some miracle recover his strength after the legs healed after a long time but the school rejected him back because of his long absence. The other thing that is not told about Paul is that his first job was a coat checker during the weekends and a sales man during the weekdays. He used to sell jeans and on the weekends he worked at the club where one of his brothers was at the counter and the other at the front door. He was excessively good at sales and when the brothers started designing ties they left them to him to make the sales and they made money. These skills earned him the position of advertisement and sales at GUESS. He and his brother Maurice later bought the shares of the company and owned close to 70 percent of the company. Paul assumed the chief operating officer position at the company in which he later stepped down from because of the allegations that faced him. He however is still an active consultant in the running of the company. See more in the Paul Marciano Youtube Channel.

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